Dezember 30, 2015

Goals for 2016

 It's the end of year 2015. In this year we had mountains and Canyons, like every year. The good intentions repeated anew. We always have Goals we will archieve in the next year. At this time in 2016 and this is my list of  ten Goals for the following 2016:

1. A smile
is so simple but sometimes have an effect of a wonder. I love this when you are sad and any stranger is presenting you a nice smile. Your day is saved by this human. This human I want to be for other strange humans. The smile is a great gift and we can give it to each other.

Also my Hand smiles. I'm honest it's stupid but looking funny.
 2. Learning snowboarding
sounds really cool and the year 2016 is the perfect year for such activities. My grade will have a one week stay in Winter Italy. The pupils the can it are allowed to go the mountain down by their own in Groups. The others have the Chance to learn Snowboarding or Skiing. That's so fantastic. I've already had a Course in grade seven ,I think ,for skiing but haven't had do it until now again. In this time you only could decided if you wanted to learn skiing or go hiking. At my opinion it's more interesting to lean Snowboarding than skiing, so I've dicided I'll do a Course for learning snowboarding at the stay. The Thing is skiing is easier to learn and you won't fall down all the time.What do you think? Is it a good idea to do the Course when the others wich decided to do the Course already can surf with the snowboard on the snow?

3. Save Money. At the end of every month I check in normal my fiance. Not infrequently I spent to much Money on unless things. I simply bought things I have had already twice at home or I haven't needed until now. That have to stop, for this Money I could buy better things or only fund for Holidays or the Driver licence.

4. Learn how to drive a car. Yes, I'm sixteen. I can start with the driver's School with sixteen and a half, so you are allowed to do your driver's licence with seventeen. With that one you are allowed to drive a car when your parents are sitting at the passenger seat in the same car. That's sad but true and with eightteen you finally allowed to drive a car by your own without your parents at the seat next to you.

5. Go on Holidays. I love that, you learn more about other countries and the culture when you are in Holidays. Furthermore beside the Family Holidays I want to go with my friends into the Holidays and have a lot of fun with them far away from our parents. Confidentally who doesn't love this?

6. Bring a Little bit more structure in my life. Who don't know this, when you are coming home you only want to go into your room and first take your phone and search anything or the eyes are so heavy and you fall asleep. An hour later you notice I wanted to do this or this. The time is over, we haven't a time machine ( that would be so cool). Sometimes I forget so much, and yeah Blogging also. My Brian is an salad. I hope the timer bring more structure in my life and remember me to do the things.

7. Take a lot of photos. Photos hold memories. It's so an amazing Feeling when you know you shoot a great photo. Let's try to be a good photoprapher and hold the memories with photos.

8. Participate a Marathon. For now two years it's my Goal for the following year but you see I haven't archieved it. I want to Change it, defeat my inner pig dog and do it. Go Jogging in the morning and Walking through the finish line at the Marathon. No matter with which number, to be the last Person will be also ok.

9. Learn for School... Everyone which is going to School say this at the beginning of the year and we all know what the end is. You haven't learnt more than the years before. Am I the only Person? I hope not but come on Lea, a Little bit more Motivation for School and you will be happy.

10. I want to sew a Dress for me. I love the idea of sewing a Dress for me by myself. Which Girl doesn't dream about the perfect Dress designed by yourself? So it is. I know the Dress won't be perfect and of Course not looking like the dream but who cares. It woulf be an Unikat and unique that is what Counts. We will see.


Dezember 13, 2015

Christmas decoration

It's Chrismas time. I'm sure everyone love it, it exist a big secret and you are looking forward to Christmas eve. I have to say, I had learnt a lot for school in the last weeks and haven't had time for backing Chrismas cookies yet. What it doesn't make it better is that until now i hadn't had decorated anything. 
Ok to my defense, here in Germany it doesn't look like December outside, more than spring.
Nevertheless I took out the box with the big writing Christmas decoration and will show to you a little bit.

I don't know why, but I love tins. In These little boxes you can put in little things for example Sweets or tiny little presents for friends. They are so sweet. Therfore are tins my Christmas decoration. Mine are from the Silver Crane Company and I think I have around fifteen of tins only for decorating my room.  
You can find simular Silver Crane Things on the Internet for example by Amazon or eBay.

Here you can see my favourite cup. No lie I could drink out of it anytime, no matter if it's summer or winter. The moose on it with the candy cane makes me happy every day.

I know I'm so cheesy.  
In the end a Coca Cola canned beverage with the writing "Mach anderen eine Freude" in German. In Englisch it means make others happy. I don't know why it's also my decoration but hey it's Christmas time and this is a limited Edition every single year with Santa Clause.

November 30, 2015

Today's Word-Nerd Pondering Writing Chain

This is a competition is founded by Kate Gold. In different months there are several themes you can write about. This month the theme is copied by her describtion of the Today's Word-Nerd Pondering Writing Chain.
This prompt centers around the theme of valuable lessons, especially that we have taken away from books. You might answer:
What is the coolest thing you have taken away from a book you have read? What sorts of things have your characters learned, as embedded in a story you have written? Or, what sort of message do you want to share with others, either in writing or through your own life?

The message I share with you is really personal but I hope I do this is not so bad as I think.


It isn't easy for me to talk about that theme, may that's the reason I though about it the last few days and only now I have the Courage to say it. I'll tell you a history from a Little Girl. Stay on.

Let me start. It's a thin girl in the elementary school. For children in the age 8 it's no uncommon that they get sick one day. At this day the little girl is ill, so her mother go with her to the family doctor. Her normal family doctor wasn't in the doctor office but a representation doctor. He looked at the girl and accused her mother that her child has anorexia (pro ana). I think you know the differences between doctors and this man was a knind of highly respected doctor. He wanted to set all levers in motion that this little girl commited in a clinic and that they would be forced feeds. The mother didn't agree with him and they had a big argue about that Little Girl. In the End the mother won the argue and brung the Little Girl at home.

I'm the little Girl. I'm not a ANA, I promise you. It's this prejudice about me. The People have it until now. It's like with the doctor, he didn't know me but said it. If he knew me he wouldn't say that because I'm thin my whole life along.

Sometimes I think I'm the only Girl who think she's to thin. I don't want to say my weight because it's private and not normal. I'm underweight but that's all I'll say. In case you have read up here I'll tell tell you far.

This doctor haven't been the only one who think so about me. All this prejudices. If you are thin (and this is my serious) you'll be stamped to have 'pro ana'. Nobody accept it only be thin without haveing diets or may be an ana. Of course we have to talk about that disease, no deal. I searched on the Internet. It's scary. You find so much about it and a lot of isn't any more on Wikipedia and sites where you fight agains anorexia. The Internet include a great number of Blogs about being an ana. The most are Girls at my Age or older and they tell you about the 'ana life'. The most of them are pride to be one.

 I don't know, I can't understand that. Ok, may I have not that weight Problems but nobody can be perfect and in following my describtion about to be perfect. May you understand what I mean with that Little sentence.

The perfection lies in the fact, not being perfect.

That is the Story, but it isn't the only reason why I tell you all These things today. My sister is doing something like a diet at the moment. It's hard for me, because she's so pretty and have a dream figure, maybe also a little bit to thin but not like me. Her age is really difficult, in the school I've heard of previous groups that they say to each other you are to fat. I'm so glad that I'm visit another school and in my class are twenty six boys. That's really cool.
Sorry, at this theme I'm like a Boy since ever. Hey, Boys if anyone of you read that answer me that question please. Which Girl you prefer? 1. A Girl that eat normal and don't look at calories or 2. a thin Girl who wants to be thinner and which life is a diet. I think the 1. but I'm curious.

Sometimes I think I'm the reason why People do this. I know, that sounds really hard but nobody would say that in the real life I think. You know I eat everything and love chocolate at all. No day without chocolate. It's my love. I can eat everything without looking at calories and eat so much I like. Sometimes it's strange when I go out with friends for eating somewhere. I'm mad because I eat and the other Person i don't know first look for calories and that the diet shedule received. Oh god, I hate it, when I eat but the other one not.

I think, It's the end for this post because about this theme I could write an essay an I won't bore you with that stuff. Sorry, may I have regular Readers (if I have some ? ) the beginning was cliched. It was firmly this post may it was not that 'fighting against' pro ana but to i would Show you my view. Thanks for the possibility to do that.

Ok, I also want to give to all to them an offer they read that to contact me or only talk with me. What is your view? Of course here a big welcome for comments but I will get in time an extra E-Mail, where you can write to me. May I'm not the best help as you can see but I want to give all of you the offer to say something for that big theme.

I'm not pro ana! For all they may don't understand it until now.

It doesn't matter if I've written anything else that I should, but I wanted to say you this message and think about my little text a little bit.

November 24, 2015

THE TRY: Fashion

One more time I will show you a few things out of my tiny little wardrobe. Every clother has his own history. The stories are absolutely different and matchless. Before I will start two questions: Do you think it's silly that every clother in my wardrobe has his own story?  Would you want to hear them? 

I asked this because of you are strangers. Our bridge is my writing and you read all this stuff, therfore is your mind important for me.

What you can see? The typical Pullover everyone have to love. My love is it to buy such pullovers in the Boys Collection. Their Pullovers are mostly nicer than by girls and the problem of to short cuted clothers won't exist anymore.  
A funny thing especially with this pullover in the picture is, that my dad has the same one. The difference is two sizes bigger. Therfore sometimes when I don't show which size is it I wear Dad's one. Sorry Dad.

The next one, here to see in these two pictures, is a black shirt. Like you can see in the right handed one my belly is looking out of the window. This shirt is sadly a little bit to short. If I say that, I would like to cry. One of my favourite shirts is to short for me. I don't know out of which material the shirt is but you can wear it so great. The Skin feel is perfection. Only wow. This clother is the perfect example that it is looking so normal, nevertheless it's something special for me.
(It wasn't my Intention to show you my belly. Please ignore that. )
A friend told during a Shopping trip that I had to wear this. The days before I haven't had dreamt to wear something like this one day. My friend said the truth: It's right for me.

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos but the sun in these days isn't my best friend. She always run away.  

November 16, 2015

Pray for Paris

Lately,  a few days ago something terrible and really sad happened in Paris during the soccer game Germany against France. Several bombs exploded at different places. I think everyone heard about that therfore I won't go in detail und will tell you what happened. This is not really a large post but I want to express my sympathy for the humans the terrorist attacks has stolen their lives. 
I hope something like that after charlie hebdo will never happen again. 

November 10, 2015

THE TRY: Fashion

I've already told about the clothers of my wardrobe and that I want to start a project. Show you my clothers, however they are from the deepest edge or my favourites. It doesn't matter. Write about Fashion without any knowledge and you may know that I am definately not a fashionvictim. Only a sixteen year old girl who loves wearing a pair of Jeans and a big pullover over it. Yes, that's my style, very interesting. But let me start with outfits I love but for the daily life in School it's nothing for me.

In this Picture I am wearing a normal shirt and a flowerd skirt. The combination is really sportive but also elegant. Therfore perfect for every event you don't know before which kind of it it is. What do you think? Would you wear this combination?

Here also me, I know my knees are stupid and ugly but we couldn't Change it. This pink purple flowerd touched Dress is fixed by a Little black belt, on grounds that the clother is to big for me. Yes, I bought it one number bigger, because that was the only they had and I've already searched for a Dress for weeks or months. I like it, no matter which size. That isn't the world's end.

Now we are coming to one of my definately favourites in my wardrobe. I love this outfit so much. It's a classicer, black and White but also something extravagant.  
I am wearing a black pants with an black and white squared blouse. It's sleeveless and you can make a bow at the top of it. I love these blouse, it has something different to normal ones and show you that it is something beautiful.

November 03, 2015

Where is Germany?

I've already told you that I would like to tell you more about Germany, German as language and the life here as a German girl. This would be a little bit of geographic information that when I am talking about my home country you know where to search on the map. Does anyone know where Germany is instead of the few humans which live in Europe?

If you haven't noticed Germany is in Europe, more detailed in Central Europe. Here in the picture you can  see Germany (with the state Bavaria of Germany) and the neighbour countries. Why Bavaria and not one of the other 15 states of Germany? This question is easy to answer, I'm a Bavarian teenage girl and out of this state are made the most stereotypes about Germany, I guess. Furthermore it's I think the most popluar state because of the Oktoberfest.

This part is finished. Now a lot more basic information. You can see in the picture above this text that Germany has a lot of neighbours and isn't really big in the eye of a human who lives in the USA, because the expanse is around 357 000 km². When you take the expanse of Germany into the USA, you need around 27 times Germany to have a simular flat. At this point Germany is a small country, but in my eyes it's big enough for about 81 000 000 inhabitants.

Every country has a own flag. The German flag is out of stripes in the colours:

 More stories about Germany and the different genres in here for example: the politics, the capital Berlin, Bavaria, typical German and so on will be written by another day and post. Time by time.
One thing at the end Tschüss und Gute Nacht! is German for bye and a good night on grounds that it's quater to midnight.


Oktober 24, 2015

The TRY to be cool

I think everyone know that you want to be cool. The same here by me. I'm not cool, because of whenever I meet new humans I may like or I don't know them really good, I want to be cool. On grounds that I want that they like me, too. That's the Problem everytime I have the wish that I am cool, I'm surely not cool. No matter always the same, it's like my Body is programmed intentionally do distressing Things. Really I wish me at this time that the ground would be open with a big hole and I go in it. I promise you I'm not a Drama queen but please bann me in the rainforest. The Thing is so embrassing and distressing, that I don't want to talk about it.

Here this text is writeing a Loser. I am one beause I'm craven. My Body was doing something against my mind and I'm to craven to tell it while I was hopeing nobody had seen it or will recodnice it. Why always the same this Things happen to me by humans I like and won't be a loser in their presence?Makes that sence? I mean by persons it doesn't matter myself nothing like that happens.

You know, I'm craven. Therfore I want to excuse me with that post by you. I don't know what I have to do. I'm to craven to say it to you eye by eye. Here I know the Chance that you read it is not high. It doesn't make sence to excuse me here but I don't see other Options because of my craveness.
I'm so sorry that I've done it. However it was suddenly there and it couldn't stop. Now I'm thinking the whole time if I had.... . It happened, I wished I could turn the time back but I can't. I hope so there aren't any spots. Please take my excuse.

The try to be cool went into the pants, in literally. Don't know how often I've said this but it's so distressing.

Oktober 18, 2015


Everyone know what I mean, the most of us young ladies loves it. SHOPPING. You go in different stores and looking for anything you can wear. Oh, that's nice or I love this shirt, what's about this Jeans and so the end we buy everything of it because we can't coose for one.

We buy, buy and buy every year enough clothers we wouldn't wear for years but in this time we think need this clothing. With the time we will forget that we bought it and have this one in out wardrobe. Undefinable time will gone. In the end we have around twenty T-Shirts, five different jackets for every season, ten sweatshirts and five pullover, I wouldn't reckon my own clothers because this would take time until tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll have school and my class won't be really happy when I going to say to twenty six Boys and one Girl: Sorry, I'm so tired because I`ve made a list of all my clothers. 

My intention of this post is to think about if we really will need all this Things. A wardrobe full of clothers unless you only use maximal half of it. Make this sence? This is the question from a sixteen year old girl which haven'nt a two meter with to one meter depths to two meter hight wardrobe. My wardrobe is really small and haven't this proporties like the one I described. However I have the feeling so much things in this little wardrobe are so absurd, what I thought when I've bought them? I don't know.

In addition to that I can't find anything in the wardrobe. Do you have sometimes the same problem? Yes boys, we girls sometimes really stand in fornt of our clothers and did'nt find anything to wear because we search one thing special and only want this clother. This one could be in the deepest edge of this clothingbox or is for example under ten other shirts, so that you can't see this one.

Sometimes I ask myself if it would be necessary to have so much clothers. I mean we always wearing the same clothers, the other ones waiting in the regal that you will one day decide I am going to wear you today.

You can see here a Little part of my wardrobe and every human seeing that I'm a Little bit of the chaotic persons. Out of this Picture I've weared three Thing the last weeks. Not more that three Things I promise.

While I've written thiss post my Brian got an idea. In the next time or whenever I have time and an desire for it, I will write here something about the clothers in my wardrobe I've forgot in the deepest edge or only clothers I love. By the way they aren't the actual Collection since every Fashion Blogger is doing that and I'm not a Fashion Blogger.

Oktober 06, 2015

Hello world

Hello human which is reading this text on a Screen, no matter at wich one. Yes, I think the first post is always the same present yourself that the humans of the world know more about you and your life. What do you want to know? For me it's difficult to understand what anyone want to know about me. Ok, the Basic Information is maybe interesting. So let's go. Have fun.

I am Lea, a sixteen year old teenager from Bavaria. Do you know Bavaria? It's a state of Germany (a Country in middle Europe). I've already had a blog but it failed and went into rubbish. Now the second one and the second chance THE NOBODY'S PLACE is born.

I called my new blog like this since this little Corner in the Internet would be a place that nobody knows in my real life. So it have to be a secret place in that you are the Chief. Make rules, write, tell stories and so on...I'm a nobody yes, of course, however is that the reason to hide yourself behinde a big blue sky? I think not. THE NOBODY'S PLACE would tell you more about

my life,
Everyone have to tell something. No matter wich experiences, it's my history and when you tell it maybe you can help others or they would smile because of you. That is what I love about telling something about my life.

my tries to do something (and maybe fail)
You think you can't do this, haven't Talent in being a model for example. Here I would try in everything I ever thought I'm bad in, boring or only stupid things. Maybe it will fail or not, we would see.

 and Germany.
Sure, maybe a few humans here know where Germany is or heard the Name of Angela Merkel. We are honest nobody knows really much about here or German words. This is a experiement to Change it.

I hope you  will like this nobody's place