Oktober 24, 2015

The TRY to be cool

I think everyone know that you want to be cool. The same here by me. I'm not cool, because of whenever I meet new humans I may like or I don't know them really good, I want to be cool. On grounds that I want that they like me, too. That's the Problem everytime I have the wish that I am cool, I'm surely not cool. No matter always the same, it's like my Body is programmed intentionally do distressing Things. Really I wish me at this time that the ground would be open with a big hole and I go in it. I promise you I'm not a Drama queen but please bann me in the rainforest. The Thing is so embrassing and distressing, that I don't want to talk about it.

Here this text is writeing a Loser. I am one beause I'm craven. My Body was doing something against my mind and I'm to craven to tell it while I was hopeing nobody had seen it or will recodnice it. Why always the same this Things happen to me by humans I like and won't be a loser in their presence?Makes that sence? I mean by persons it doesn't matter myself nothing like that happens.

You know, I'm craven. Therfore I want to excuse me with that post by you. I don't know what I have to do. I'm to craven to say it to you eye by eye. Here I know the Chance that you read it is not high. It doesn't make sence to excuse me here but I don't see other Options because of my craveness.
I'm so sorry that I've done it. However it was suddenly there and it couldn't stop. Now I'm thinking the whole time if I had.... . It happened, I wished I could turn the time back but I can't. I hope so there aren't any spots. Please take my excuse.

The try to be cool went into the pants, in literally. Don't know how often I've said this but it's so distressing.

Oktober 18, 2015


Everyone know what I mean, the most of us young ladies loves it. SHOPPING. You go in different stores and looking for anything you can wear. Oh, that's nice or I love this shirt, what's about this Jeans and so on...in the end we buy everything of it because we can't coose for one.

We buy, buy and buy every year enough clothers we wouldn't wear for years but in this time we think need this clothing. With the time we will forget that we bought it and have this one in out wardrobe. Undefinable time will gone. In the end we have around twenty T-Shirts, five different jackets for every season, ten sweatshirts and five pullover, I wouldn't reckon my own clothers because this would take time until tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll have school and my class won't be really happy when I going to say to twenty six Boys and one Girl: Sorry, I'm so tired because I`ve made a list of all my clothers. 

My intention of this post is to think about if we really will need all this Things. A wardrobe full of clothers unless you only use maximal half of it. Make this sence? This is the question from a sixteen year old girl which haven'nt a two meter with to one meter depths to two meter hight wardrobe. My wardrobe is really small and haven't this proporties like the one I described. However I have the feeling so much things in this little wardrobe are so absurd, what I thought when I've bought them? I don't know.

In addition to that I can't find anything in the wardrobe. Do you have sometimes the same problem? Yes boys, we girls sometimes really stand in fornt of our clothers and did'nt find anything to wear because we search one thing special and only want this clother. This one could be in the deepest edge of this clothingbox or is for example under ten other shirts, so that you can't see this one.

Sometimes I ask myself if it would be necessary to have so much clothers. I mean we always wearing the same clothers, the other ones waiting in the regal that you will one day decide I am going to wear you today.

You can see here a Little part of my wardrobe and every human seeing that I'm a Little bit of the chaotic persons. Out of this Picture I've weared three Thing the last weeks. Not more that three Things I promise.

While I've written thiss post my Brian got an idea. In the next time or whenever I have time and an desire for it, I will write here something about the clothers in my wardrobe I've forgot in the deepest edge or only clothers I love. By the way they aren't the actual Collection since every Fashion Blogger is doing that and I'm not a Fashion Blogger.

Oktober 06, 2015

Hello world

Hello human which is reading this text on a Screen, no matter at wich one. Yes, I think the first post is always the same present yourself that the humans of the world know more about you and your life. What do you want to know? For me it's difficult to understand what anyone want to know about me. Ok, the Basic Information is maybe interesting. So let's go. Have fun.

I am Lea, a sixteen year old teenager from Bavaria. Do you know Bavaria? It's a state of Germany (a Country in middle Europe). I've already had a blog but it failed and went into rubbish. Now the second one and the second chance THE NOBODY'S PLACE is born.

I called my new blog like this since this little Corner in the Internet would be a place that nobody knows in my real life. So it have to be a secret place in that you are the Chief. Make rules, write, tell stories and so on...I'm a nobody yes, of course, however is that the reason to hide yourself behinde a big blue sky? I think not. THE NOBODY'S PLACE would tell you more about

my life,
Everyone have to tell something. No matter wich experiences, it's my history and when you tell it maybe you can help others or they would smile because of you. That is what I love about telling something about my life.

my tries to do something (and maybe fail)
You think you can't do this, haven't Talent in being a model for example. Here I would try in everything I ever thought I'm bad in, boring or only stupid things. Maybe it will fail or not, we would see.

 and Germany.
Sure, maybe a few humans here know where Germany is or heard the Name of Angela Merkel. We are honest nobody knows really much about here or German words. This is a experiement to Change it.

I hope you  will like this nobody's place