März 21, 2016

Save money

I've told you about my Goal to save Money for this year. That's important for me, because I'm doing my Drivers licence at the Moment.
You know, I'm living in Bavaria and that's the place where the Drivers licence on average is the most expensive one with the wohle cointry. I have to calculate more than 1700 euros. A lot of Money, for a Teenager like me.

Save Money could be easy or the completely opposite sometimes. Maybe you'll remember your childhood, I'm sure you all had a piggy bank. Everytime you had got Money from someone you did it into your piggy bank. You saved there the most Money.
Today it's different may you haven't anymore such a piggy bank and all in all you become older. We spent Money on a lot of Things, unless Things, Cinema, Food and so on it costs Money. All this Things are robbing our ingrediets from your purse. I've listed a few Points they could be useful when you want to save your Money.

1. Use your rabatt codes. One example is the Deutsche Bahn. They have something called JugendBahnCard for People their age is under 18. You have to pay 10 €, but it is worth it. I've saved Money with the first time. Now I have this Card since 2014 and saved arround 50 € . Maybe your Country has also such an offer for Teenagers.
Another important Card is that every Student have a Student Card. It's a great Thing to be Student, because you get Discount for different activities when you bring the Student Card with you. It isn't much at one time, but when you Count it, you save Money. In normal the Discount is between one to two euros. (as an example Cinema)

The rabatt codes

2. Don't buy books!! That Statement sounds really stupid, I know. Let me explain. Books are great, I love them. Nevertheless you only read a book in normal one time and than they are Standing in the wardrobe for the whole life. I've done this experience. Selling books is hard and you have to be lucke when you sell them for a Minimum of Price.
I've changed to library. It's a better idea and in every "bigger" City is a Big library, I'm absolutely sure that you will find there great books. Try it and save a lot of Money.

My library Card and my favourite books.
3. Do it yourself is an idea to save Money, I love. You make Things with love and spent only a Little Money. For example this nice headbands I nocked for me. In a store you pay around five euros for simular ones. With wool ( Price variable) and a a Little bit of knitting skills you are allowed to make it under three euros.

My selfmade headbands.

4.Do I really Need this market product or is the other one sufficient? Everyone has to decide this on theirselves but sometimes the no Name product is as good as the expensive one. You can save Money in this Point, so think about it.

5. I've said something from a piggy bank in our childhood at the beginning of the post. I have one until today. My bus bank is so great because every Money you save in it, you won't do it outside so easy or do compromises. You saved it in this piggy bank until the time come you saved enough for a dream.  You save your Money effective.

The bus piggy bank

 6. The most Money I spent for is eating and drinking. It's silly because you think I won't spent so much for These but in the end you spent more you wanted for. The difference is you bought three times it for Little Money instead of one time more and you won't be hungry after eating. More than four times a week I spent Money for buying Food, because I'm hungry after School, Drivers School or be bored by waiting for the next Train. It's an easy Point, because you can save so much Money with not eating outside (only at home) but when you are hungry, you are hungry and Need Food. So take more Food with you for example Sweets for the Little hungry between School and home. Than you can eat the great meals at home.

7. Check out the Prices. Different stores, different Prices. Sometimes true. One example out of my experience: Jewing gum, we have one store where it costs 2.45 € and than all the other ones sell the same product for 2.49 €. The Discount is minimal in sum of an year it's only around one euro. Discount is Discount, so check the Prices and may the Discount is more than a Minimum.

I've saved the last two month with the listed Points around 70 €.