Juli 20, 2016

Things I want to do in SUMMER!

It's already summer time and I'm nerved of my depressing thinking and Feeling. That's the reason I haven't post anyting until the last weeks, because I wouldn't depress you as I am.

Summer is in front of our housedoor. It's a wonderful time where is no space for depressing People. So I'll have to take the head up and lock away this thoughts. The idea is that I'll writing a list with a lot of things I want to do in summer. If I'll be bored anytime this summer, there are ideas for things I could do. That is no list with goals I want to reach this summer, it's only a list with a lot of things they could be a lot of fun and an Experiment for me. All in all: Plenty of crazy things.

1. Sew a Dress
Ok, I have to admit that that Point is on my goals for 2016 list. Nevertheless, I love this idea really much and so I list it.

2. Sleep for one night in the hangmate
Maybe you ever lied in one at the evening when the sun goes down and the dark blue sky with the thousands of stars on it Comes over you. That is a fantastic Feeling and you have a Special Connection with the nature. So the question is if this Connection is also so Special when you spent the whole night in a hangmate.

3. Ask strangers questions
People who know me, know that it is difficult for me to be open at strangers. That could help me for Training my self considence and openess.

4. Buy a Dirndl
A Dirndl is a traditional bavarian Dress. I live in Bavaria and haven't one! That's a pitty. So it would be great when I'll have one for several parties.

5. Change the room decorate
This summer I'll get a new ground for my room because now I have a blue carpet with yellow curls. So in my opinion it's also time for new decoration.

6. Take Pictures
I love photos. You can express your Feelings with them in a really wonderful way without saying anything.  What I Need is nice photos of myself. The ones I shoot the last half year weren't that good and there I've had my bracelets.

7. Do a good Job
I have a Student Job. The worktime is at the Weekend or in the Holidays. I love this Job, so I like to do it good and with a lot of fun. It is like a really big Family.

8. Read books
I've talked with my classmates and they were wondered why I've never read books like "the hitchhicker's guide to the Galaxie". So I've said them, that I'll do that at the Holidays. In one weeks I'll have my summer break, so time come.

9. Ice cream
What is summer without ice cream? Nothing, right! I could eat a whole ice cream box which you can buy in supermarkets. That could be fun, but also pain after eating.

10. Relax
No, Lea you won't relax on the Couch inside of the house! The last weeks you were a real couchpotato, now it's time for you to go out and discover the world. You can relax at a lake. How you can go there? I mentioned that you have a bycicle, right? Drive it.

Juli 01, 2016

Life have to go on...

Today I had a conversation with in my eyes best friends, I've already told you in the last post. It's important to know the stroy behind, so please read at frist my last post.

This conversation wasn't that positive for me. Let me tell you.
At frist they told me, that I've said something, which I can't remember anymore.
Furthermore, I can't believe that I've said that in the past. And so on, this is typical Girls stuff.

The second Thing is quite a bit more interesting. I'm not the Party human. When I go to parties, I like to spent time with my friends and have a nice evening. Their Point is that they want to celebrate.
I accept that but don't understand what's wrong with my view.

There a lot of Points we spoke about but yeah, I don't want to list them all. All These Things they haven't said me, because they tought that that would break me. The Thing is, that they are These People they want to clarify Problems as soon as possible but were afraid of breaking me. So that I'll lose my Little self considence.

Now we'll have distance. I don't know how long.

It's sad, that we haven't fight for this friendship.

I want to give them the time, and hope that we'll find a way back to this friendship.

At the Moment I haven't the power to write more and think positive. We will see how life goes on and try to be open for new Humans that walk through my life.

I hope the next Posts won't be so depressing.
be open for new and discover new friendships, like this plane