Dezember 23, 2016

Secret Santa !

I participate in the Blogger Gift Exchange 2016. That means that we are all secret santas and give another blogger a present, an online gift. It doesn't cost anything, I'm pretty sure that everybody does the present by heart.

I'm the secret santa from the wonderful MorningTime4 with her blog
Ups and Downs.

I decided, that my 'gift' will be a post for her, because I was asking myself a lot which could be the best present for her and I'm able to do.

So several options were striked: Your blog design is great in my eyes and I don't know how you could improve it. Furthermore in every question about making a blog better or bigger, i'm not the right contact person. Moreover I was kind of stalking your blog the last days and so, I'm here and write about you and your blog. I hope you like this post.

The heading of Ups and Downs © MorningTime4
Let us start with the wonderful heading of the blog. The simple but meaningful heading Ups + Downs represent the life of her. Everybody has ups and downs and these are archieved in her blog. The amazing thing about this heading is, that the lettering isn't only coloured, it's a picture. In it could be a lake with a coast. I'm not sure but it's wonderful. You've done a great job!

I love quotes and she have quotes one for every section in her blog. Great praise. My favourite is that from Albert Einstein (maybe your know about him he was born in Germany)
“Imagination is more important than Knowledge.” 
-- Albert Einstein

Next here are some posts I enjoyed reading most. Have fun by reading.

I'm sorry not being athletic enough
Read it and you'll understand this meaning.

to those who have gone
The pictures are great,either. Furthermore this post conveys the reader exactly how you are feeling. Thanks for this deep view into your heart.

Wispy hair and the woaring sea
There MorningTime4 tells us about a visit to the coast with her family. You have to look at these pictures, they are spectacular.

I've talken about this blog but haven't talking before about the person behind. Here she is:

Introduce other people isn't my stenght but I think she is an humourful girl wich loves her a lot of things and her friends and her blog.  In this blog she releaze other favourites like photography ( as your can see in this amazing pictures) and writing.

MorningTime4, I hoped you enjoyed this post.