Februar 13, 2017


Hurt and Love

The time isn't easy
wild argues 
about ego.
A lonly house, 
my brother and mother desert US. 
My dad and sister 
looking silent. 


Heart, Family and Brain


Anywhere is this boy, 
a friend, 
afraid of being honest
I'm crushed. 

complicated situation

We are friends
I LOVE him

his eyes, lips and character

are a bomb
wide range of colours

happy, love, sad, impressed, 

can't order it

1000 in one brain, 
one moment, 
Love and Hurt combined. 

At the moment this is my situation, I won't talk with hunderts of letters about this trouble in my life. Maybe I was able to express my feelings with you with that poem and you track why I have taken the time until I wanted to share this with you. I needed time for talking, thinking and reacting with the big change. 
I know I'm not a poet with a lot of poetry and rhymes, nevertheless I learned that the poetry let us share things in a different way and we can interpret in words that a lot. Furthermore every person would handle different and the transdission from this feelings are different. As you know I'm always open for advice.