Mai 30, 2016

The blog and the pageviews

We have thousand of Blogger in the world wide web. They write about  everything, everyone decide at theirselves which theme the next post will have.
Each single Blogger love to see that it is interesting what he wrote. The Reader of the Blogs can express it with the pageviews and comments.

Mainly a lot of People are lazy and don't have the time to write something for the Blogger or have no idea to write. A comment is the best Feedback for Blogger, because we see this Person read your post and like to share with you the ideas he or she get with the text you've written in your post. I'm sure so don't speak just for myself that every Blogger loves comments, no matter if they criticize your mind or bring other ideas in.

The other part we can see Feedback is the Display with the pageviews. You can see how many visitors were already at your blog. Fruthermore you can see how many People visited your blog las month, yesterday or today. Retrieve Information about the most clicked Posts is also possible. A few more informations can you also get but i'm honest I don't know for what they are good. Is it so interested whether a Person visited your blog with Chrome or Internet Explorer? I think not.

There is one difference between Bloggers, the pageviews I think. Only a few out of thousand, thousand out of Million have pageviews a day every other Blogger can dream about to have in one year. It isn't really important for me to reach thousands of pageviews. I'm glad about every one who is visiting my blog and reading my holy shit. Maybe some of you say my 751 pagevies are less, in my opinion it's pretty much in the history of this blog. I've started this place in October last year, so on average every month were 93 pagevies and in one day around 3. That's a number.


Everyone who read this, thank you for reading it and haveing a fiew at my page. It's a wonder for somebody who is a nobody to reach this high number. Althought also thanks for your comments.
Every single pageview and comment make a smile in my face.

Mai 11, 2016

My speech for your funeral....

Actually I wanted to post about something funny and happy, but something bad happened. It doesn't work to write today anything other. I'm sorry for the sad Feeling talk on this blog.
I hope after I'll written about it I'll process it better.
In the morning today I ate my breakfast. Like every day my mother was coming in the Dining room and the first Thing she did was turn on Radio. I hate it especially because at this time it advts and than the News. It said: " Last night at 22.30 pm a 38 years old man had a tragic deadly car accident where he crashed into a tree....." I can't remember each word exactly. I thought nothing about it and was on the way to go, put the shoes on.
Than we received a phone call from my grandmother.

My mother listened to her and the first Thing she said was Fuck! My mind thought something is with my grandfather, because he has diseases that could be problematic. The second thought something is with any other Person I don't know. A few Moments later she asked her who was dead? Than I asked my mum who was dead, because I was in hurry to leave the house. Jürgen was the answer. For Explanation it's my uncle.

He is dead!

Nevertheless I went out the house to my bus and than to School, because I couldn't stay at home. With tears in my eyes I went to the bus Station and met a friend. Than I was in School, in this Situation it doesn't mattered me if anyone saw me like that. I'm not strong enough to be alone with my Family at home. School was ok, my seat neighbours I said: " Please entertain me today, it doesn't matter what shit you say, only talk. " That diverted me a Little bit. In lesson it was though to concentrate at the spelling of the teacher. Again and again the tears came to the daylight. The most though lesson was English, because we watched a film about Queen Elisabeth's father, I think it was George the 6th. The film had a lot of sad Music but nobody was dieing. After School as soon as I was alone my tears wouldn't stop. So there was me, a crying gril Walking through the Shopping mall.
The tears continue until now.

I don't know if I'm allowed to hold this speech at the funeral of my uncle but I know to write this words down will help me a Little bit.

Maybe a big part of you don't know me and never heard anything about the Connection with Jürgen and the sixteen year old Girl that is Standing in front of you, here at dais. Hello, I'm Lea and the niece of him. Confessedly I haven't saw Jürgen for a long time, it could be around summer or autumn last year. So it was some years. We hadn't much contact for years.
He was then when I was a Little child my favourite uncle. At this time he lived by my grandparents. Every time when I visited them the first thin I had to do was crying and searching "hugen". I called him hugen, because the pronounciation Jürgen was to difficult for me. When he didn't answered and everybody said he wasn't at home, I had to go upstairs to his room and convince myself from his Absence. Nobody was so importat at the visit like him. I'm sure sometimes the others were jealous, because when he was at home I monopolized him and only wanted to do something with him.
I can't say a lot, you haven't known yet.
However, one Statement no adult can judge. He was a fantastic uncle for me, presumably my siblings assess it because the contact wasn't big the last years.
However I think it's ok when I say in General he was a great Person.  

Rest in peace hugen

Mai 02, 2016

THE TRY: Fashion

That is the third post about Fashion and my wardrobe. A few months ago I have already done two Posts about Fashion. If you are interested in them click here and there.
In both of the Posts I showed you clothers I really like and what's Special about them.
Another year, another months but the same toppic: Fashion.
I have a tiny Little wardrobe but every time I find new Things. All my clothers have a history. Already written or the Story behind will be written.
By the way: When I write Posts you can be sure that nothing is sponsored by anyone.
Especially now it could be really difficult to be sponsored because all These Things have a certain age. No idea where they were bought and how expensive they are.
Have you clothers with a Special history?

That is the communion jacket from my dad. I have no idea how old it is really, there is only a date at the button writing and it says the year 1859. Nevertheless I think that is improbable. The age must be around 30 to 35 years. My grandmother bought for the last son, my dad, of the Family a new suit and that one out of Velvet now hangs in my closet. In comparison my dad had to be as tall as me when he had his communion with around eight years. I fit the jacket with 16  years though the trousers is to short. Do you like this real vintage jacket?

I haven't knew that I have a red blouse. That is knew for me, however I found it and have to admit it is striking but quite nice. You will  be definately noticed by everyone. It's colourful and worth a try, I think. The tie with the car looks perfect to this red blouse. The pattern have also red Units. The tie I would Need for some class photo and carnival a few years ago.

Here you can see another blouse. Around one year ago I've found this boring White blouse at a place in the house where we've done our clothers we didn't Need anymore. I liked it but this Cloth was sober White, in my eyes boring. For this reason I've decided to sew a pink Polka dots tape on the placket and the shoulders. Now it's simple but not boring.

Two years ago I thought I Need dungarees and it's cool to wear. Since I had bought them they were not even worn and were Forget in the closet edge. Randomly now it fallen into the lap. Today I also think it's cool to wear. Ok, yes I know two years earlier it was the trend but I promise that will become trend again. Dungarees always stiyish.