September 21, 2016

One months later...

The first thing I have to admit, that the post I talking about in the last post haven't existed until today. So, one months later, at the same point, the same blog and the same human behind the screen.

I'm so sorry

Maybe I excuse myself in every new post again. I'll stop that and keep my promises. The blog can't work with that person who I am at the moment. Terrible is a word for that, I think. 
We won't talk about that stupid human anymore which is writing this blog, ok? 
In one months could happen a lot of things. When you looking back one months ago, what was different, what was special about this day in august? Tell me it. 
The time is running all day long, we couldn't fill out twenty hours a day, day by day in a week with activities. No matter if we have our summer holidays ( which are in our past and future) or a normal school day. Every day is different but sometimes simular to the other ones. Especially the school days, monday until friday. The alarm clock is rining every day at six o'clock, get the bus means to go out at 6:35 o'clock out of the house and than take a ride by train. Time, plenty of time which you can miss. Public transportation takes its time, when you are living in a little village outside of the city. Who know that? Bus rides, train delays, waiting for the public transportation and a walk home. The problem isn't only the shuttel between home and school. The biggest problem is that the public transportation doesn't like you because everytime you have to miss your train because of two minutes. So the waiting time is big, in normal more than one hour. All this isn't your fault. The bus could drive a little bit faster, so that you could have catched your train or the teacher wouldn't let you go earlier of the lesson. That is typical for our days in school. The stress is here because after an eight hour school day the desire for going home is big. Waiting is the horrible nerve accompaniment at an exhausting day. The public transportation is my personal time waster. When you are interested in I can listing you which time I consume with waiting and be by public transportation.  What is your experience with the daily school/work drive? 
Hope this more or less much text was ok for you. I 've forgotten how I have to write textes especially in English.