Januar 27, 2016

I've been nominated for the Liebstar award!!

I'm sure you all know more or less about that Award, so I haven't to say much about it. Yes, somebody has nominated me, that was such a surprise and makes me a little bit proud of, because behind other Screens are sitting People they like my blog. We won't talk around the hot mash. Let's start.

A Boy called Martin nominated me for this Award. The link for his blog is his Name. Thank you for this. You know I have to tell you the rules: It's really simple. Link the human in the big world who has nominated you. Answer all of the eleven questions and thake the Liebster Award photo(tip: If you won't take this one, search another on the Internet). May it could be difficult to nominate eleven other ones for the Award with less than 1000 Readers. Make a deal, we doesn't know who has how much Readers, but try to nominate only People where you are thinking they haven't so much Readers. That's the sence of the Award. Ask them also eleven questions and give them a message that you've nominated them. That was it. Difficult? No.

Today I cribe a lot of Things, so this questions I have from Martin's Blog (the Person who nominated me) and will answer them now:

1)  Best thing about the country you live in?
I live in Germany, if someone haven't noticed that. Some People would say, the best thing here in Germany is that we are allowed to drink beer and the slight alcohol with the age of sixteen. In my eyes are a little bit famous (for good and bad Things). A lot of really important humans are from Germany for exmample Albert Einstein(á few more important scientists also), have you knewn that Leonardo Dicaprio  had relatives in Germany or Sandra Bullock has the German citizepship? I think that is the best thing, Germany has always secrets or Things they are forgotten and you can learn every day new Things about your Country.

2) What makes you smile? Why?
This is an interesting question. In this Moment I remember so much memories in that you have to smile because it makes you happy. A lot of stuff makes me to smile, but when you are sad and a strange Person smile to you, than that make me smile, too. why, I can't say but it Shows myself, that someone recodniced that you here and think I'll get you a smile as present.  

3) Do you have any pets? Pictures?
No, I haven't pets.  The only animals I have is my old plush rabbit and a dug. They won't numberd as pets or does the?

4) Who is your favourite artist? Name their Album
Sorry, but I haven't a favourite Artist. So I couldn't Name the Album.

5) Favourite Blog to read?
I've searched and searched for this answer a lot but in the end I recodniced, that on the big world wide web are thousands of really lovely and awesome Blogs, that I can't list a favourite blog.

6) Where in the world do you dream of living?
It's not important where in the world I dream of living. The humans are a lot more important. Some spots I think it would be really interesting and cool to live there are Kapstadt, Boston, London, Melbourne, New Zealand and Malaysa would be also really nice and so on.

7) What are you the most proud of?
I think the most proud I have is that I'm able to know more about so wonderful people in the whole world. All that offers the blog community and with that in one Hand the Internet. Of Course I also have the most proud that I have really good friends , not much but real friendship.

8) Do you shower or bath?
The most time I shower, because it doesn't need so much time but when I have time I rather bath, because that is really Relaxing.

9) Tea or Coffee?
Tea, but only Special sorts( my favourite is called Glücksbringer) I don't want to drink coffe, because I'm afraid of too much Coffein. I'm already be a Coca Cola Junkie, I don't want to be one with coffee.

10) Name  5 ways, 2016 will be your year
Learn Snowboarding, Doing my Drivers licence, Sew a Dress, Discover new cities or countries and smile for the Little Things and big ones in life.  The most of this Things you can read clearly with explaination in my post Goals for 2016.

11) Favourite memory at the age of 11.
Let me check out my Brian. I think around the age of Eleven, one sunny day I went out with the pink umbrella. Than I climbed at the top of the big rubbish ton with that pink Thing in the hand. A few Moments later I had openend the umbrella and jumped down. The Thing I've learnt was, that I was longer in the air than without one. Will me someone tell, that I'm not the only child who had done this?

Now the part with nominating others and the questions for them. Let me thinking about the questions first.
1. Why did you start your blog and have the Volition to do it form the start until now?
2.  Would you rather live in a big City or in a Little village?
3.When you could do a movie what story had have your film?
4. How Shows a normal day in your life?
5. What would you say to say thanks people you don't like that they exists?
6. Describe the Feeling after you said to five strangers that they are pretty.
7. One Thing you will do one day?
8. What colour describes your life best?
9. When you could be at one place anywhere now which one is it?
10. What are you really really good at?
11. What do you like, but it seems that all the people around you doesn't?

I nominate These wonderful Blogs on the Internet:
Teenage Tanglewreck with the anonymous Autor Teenage Tanglewreck
The Reid Who Writes with Mary Shelly Reid
We heart dreaming the blog from Wanda Smith
Lost in Transitlation and thee Autor is Envy Fisher
Kalop-cia with Cia M
Just Precious and the Autor is called Precious Moyo
Simply Me the blog from Vanessa Best
Three are missing, so if you also want to be nominated and don't be listed. Here is your Chance, talk to me and we complete the list.

Januar 18, 2016

It's finally winter in Germany !

Everyone asked themselves, when it will snow? One week ago, we couldn't believe that this week we have snow. One month ago. we couldn't believe that we will have a real winter with snow. In November the temperature was higher than in October. We hadn't believed all the time that it will snow in this term of the year.
Here the snow is Schnee and the snowflackes are Schneeflocken. Whenever it schneit (snows)and the White mantle is there for days, we Germans know: Now it's the cold wintertime. In the Picture it seems like the themperature hasn't minus degrees, because of the sun and the bright sky with Clouds.
At the Moment in my hometown we have minus eight degrees celcius. (That would be around 17 degrees in Fahrenheit)    
You think that isn't cold? Maybe at your place it's a lot more colder. The difference is, that we had last week around ten degrees warmer than now and we have to acclimate with the temperature. Nowadays I'm always feezing, so in the German language I'm frieren. The Thing is I've bought two years ago the warmest shoes in the store but in this winter my toes are cold also with warmen Socken(warm socks). I don't know maybe it's time for new winterboots called in Germany Winterstiefel or Winterschuhe.
I like the winter, because everything is white and is really beautiful with the mantle. Especially this one, because I will learn snowboarding in winter camp of School in a few weeks. I'm looking Forward to that. 
Some things I don't like so much in winter:
I don't know if you ever hear about Trains in Germany. The DeutscheBahn haven't the most punctual Trains. Especially in summer and winter the Trains have a lot more delay than in spring or autumn. It isn't seldom that whole Trains are canceld. One day I've spent around three hours at the Train Station waiting for my Train, because one after another was cancelled. That isn't so funny, when you want to be at home.
Everything is nass how we call it when something is wet. In busses or Trains you can't put your bag on the vehicle Floor, because than your bag will be wet and over with sald ( that you can use for the streets, cars can better drive) You have to look for where you are stay and sit, may that is wet and so your Jeans could be wet.

All in all I think every term of the year have good sides and not so good ones. I love them all, because the difference in the nature is so beautiful. Every one have Specials for us. What is your favourite term of the year? Let me know that.  

Januar 11, 2016

The TRY: Structure with a planer

 I've became this time manager from a friend. She bought it in her holidays in Netherland. I can't speak or write dutch but the simple days are easy to learn. Maybe you already read in my Goals for year 2016 post that I want to bring in 2016 more structure in my life.

It's terrible, I always have excuses that I haven't to do something. For example: Learn for School. Tomorrow is also a day I can do this. Or I would like to write a post on my blog but no, I'm to tired. Everyday the same excuses. Tomorrow is also a day. Really?
My grandma always said to me: What you can today don't move it on tomorrow.
I think this words are so true. Of Course we have tomorrow but when we don't do a thing today, could we really belive that it's tomorrow done? No, there is a doubt.

It's a really big goal for me and it means to go out from my comfortzone. Live the life and not I'm alive and have a life.
The time manager will help me dealing with the time and the aims I set. No more excuses, you have it black on white.

Something that might be interesting for you stranger at the other side of the Screen:

I've timed (that sounds funny) that every Monday latest Tuesday a new post will be on my blog. I have the Weekend before this deadline and so my Brian can think about something whole two days. In these days the most interesting Things happens of my student's life and this get myself ideas for the blog.

A Little bit late but also with much love I wish you a greatful and succesful year 2016.
Happy New Year!