Juni 21, 2016

I'm alone!

A few days ago, I've got a message form my best friend. This one said the following because I translated it in English:

Hey Lea,
We have to talk urgent. Like now, we can't go on....in the last month something changed and we developed us into different directions. At myy Point of view I have to say I don't have the Feeling that we match good. I don't know how you see this or if you recodnized any changeing. If you want we can talk personally, but I Need distance to our friendship and to you. Don't take it so much to heart. Sometimes that is life, People develope into different directions. I'm sorry.

This Person is mybest friend! That isn't all, I know her since I'm a Baby. Later she said, we have to talk with the other ones, too and together. The Thing is, that they ignore me since the Weekend like we don't know each other. This Feeling is sooo amazing(not). They'll ignore me until the time we will have talked, but there is a big Problem: They don't have time! I know my best friends won't read this post (they don't know about this Little place in the Internet) nevertheless it's a message for them.

You know, I don't like to talk about my Feelings, just it have been already time for it. I didn't tack to you so that you have to tack me because I thought: It will be allright. I'm really sorry, I don't know when we will talk about it respectivily if there is anything else. One Thing is certain, I'm afraid of loose you all as my best friends only I didn't talked about Things they have been important. I understand when you Need distance to me, nevertheless it is difficult to cope with that for the following weeks and so on. I don't know which behaviour to you, if you don't want any contact at this 'break' or not. Simple and easy I don't know anything.
I know I have changed at the last month and not into positive, the opposite. You said our friendship has changed, and that won't match. I've Feeling alone in the last month, I'll try to explain it.
First you all found fast friends at your new Schools for me that wasn't so easy. I like many of my classmates and get along well but it takes times until I open myself to new humans and I'll tell them my friends. Honestly I can say now, that I've found humans in my class which I'll say friends to them in the near future. I'm not jealous, rather I'm dissatified with myself. I though you haven't Need me anymore. With the time we have done more and more less together, since you did rather something with your new friends, I knew that. Instead of asking you if we could do something together, I have waited until you did it. It's Coward of me, but you often hadn't time because you said that you would done something with this friend or this one.
You have told me less, also if it were Little Things that would collect by time. I have had the Feeling you don't trust me anymore altough it's ok for me when you haven't talk everytime to me, your trust get more less and less in me. I'm not up to date in anything out of our lives, because you haven't had talked to me. I wanted to talk to you but you haven't been interested in with no listening. That were the Moments where I decided for me to withdraw and wait for better days until my own Frustration will be gone. Now, I'm sitting here with a hankie and with unbeliveably fear loosing you. I'm alone without best friends.

Juni 14, 2016

THE TRY: Understand ingredients

After two or three weeks I finally publish a post. The reason is that I have at the moment a time where I want to do things but can't do them, anything discourage me. When I come home, the first and last thing for this day is lying in bed and read a book. Homework, my blog and so on nothing I couldn't have do. It sounds really strange. Ok, I won't bore you with my silly reasons for not posting anything. Let's start with this post.

My nivea cream
Maybe you are a person who asked the same question like me, what the hell are these ingredients from the cosmetic products. There stand complicated words nobody will understand them without any chemistry knowledge. I have chemistry since two years but the only thing I've understand before my researches is Aqua. In Addition to that I've started my researches about These complicated names on the bottom of my Nivea cream. It was a surprise for me what effect the ingredients have. If you are interested, should read the following text. This is a German nivea cream but I think nivea have taken the international names for the ingredients.

As I said,I've knewn before the research. It's water. How spectacules.

Paraffinum Liquidum:
This one is a byproduct of petroleum production. In Addition to that it's an oil. I've learned in Chemistry that oil is a hydrocarbon with the typical characteristics of fat-loving and water hostile.
Furthermore it's antistatic and make your skin smooth and soft. Another effekt is that this substance protect your Skin however it also can clog your pores.

Cera Microcristallina:
It's also a hydrocarbon, but in another form than before. It is about a mineral wax named Ester ( in Germany). The Task for it is to bind the ingredients and dull the cream.

It's also a substance I've learned in Chemistry thought I haven't known what it search in a cream. Glycerin has a simular effekt like the ingredients listed above. Furthermore is can dry out your skin.

Lancolin Alcohol: is a emulsifier for water and oil.

The effect for the Skin of panthenol is smothing, regenerative, protecting, elastic and promotional for cell neoplasm.

One question I asked myself when I'Ve read it is why they industry done in their creams a substance that make the hair easy to comb. It makes more sence in conditioner or Shampoo but not in a facial cream. Magnesiumsulfate spreads easily the cream in your face.

Is a substance that care your skin and supple it.

The effect is also suppleness. Furthermore Octyldecanol is a solvent and parfum the cream.

Aluminium Sterate:
The Name says it it is a Aluminium compound which is water solube. These ingredient prevents sticking together, make durable the cream and it's a dye stuff for the cream.
One thing we should know about Aluminium in cosmetic products and in gerneral is that it could damage the nerves, you can get Skin irritations and can clog your pores.
Some studies says also that Aluminium could be carcinogenic. For this reason we should be careful with it.

Let the cream looking good, because of the metal ion binding. Citricacid inhibit the smell of the cream and stabilized the ph value.

Magnesuim Sterate:
This Sterate also prevents sticking together of the whole cream. Furthermore it increases the water of the Skin and dye the cream.

Limonene it is like a parfum, inhabits the smell of the cream and cover these smell with another.

You may also take it as Aroma for backing. Makeing a pleasant skin Feeling and parfum ther cream is the mainly effect of Geraniol.

It's a parfum that have the smell of flowers.

Linalool have a slightly effect like Deodorant for the user of the cream. Deo for the face? Strange Things exist.

It's also a parfum.

Benzyl Benzoate:
It's a solvent with the side effect of cleaning the Skin from bacteria and parfum the Skin.

Cinnamyl alcohol:
Another really strange thing about the ingredients is this substance. It improve the taste of the cream.
The question is who eat a facial cream that it have to tast good? Have anybody of you at the other side of the world behinde the sceen done it? I doubt that but if yes, thell me if a cream taste good.

Ok, everybody know parfum.

This research have shown to me that the ingredients are an really important thing of the cosmetic industry. I mean in this Little one are a lot of things in that we don't need in creams. I buy a cream since I think it's good for my dry skin and there is a Need for. The ingredients Show to me that the mainly cream component is alcohol and any type of parfum. I'm disappointed because creams aren't as good as for the skin, I thought before the research. What do you think about this Little ingredients secret?