November 27, 2016

THE TRY: a new operating system

I had had Windows since quite a while, my parents use this operating system, my grandparents. We can say my whole family has used Windows. I had used Windows for more than a decade. That is a pretty long time. When I had bought my own laptop around one year ago, I also bought it with that operating system.
When I'm looking back, I have to admit that I was a stupid girl who had no knowledge about that the Windows 10 will be rubbish for her. The  label which she wanted, either.
I has lived with that decision. So I still have an ACER laptop. Nevertheless, the recent operating system of Windows is history. There were a lot of reasons why I delected this software system costing around $100 or more. I doesn't want to kick off a discussion, so everybody has to thinking of which operating system will be the best for this human. What I want to tell you is my experience with another operating system which I has have around one months.

This operating system one you may heard of computer freaks.
It is an free and open source operating system which has various user interfaces. You can find there what you need and a big point is only what you need. I haven't had preinstalled unsence programms like ten simular video players or you can try for one month and later you have to pay for. Everything you need you can install and there are a lot of really good open source programms, I promise.

The linux version I have is a ubuntu one, there your have something like on the smartphone the 'playstore'.
There you can download a lot of software.
 Another version of downloading something is per terminal and there somebody who has no knowledge about this operating system could think that you are a hacker.  I decided that my terminal have a pink lettering and a little bit of green which you don't see there. My computer is able to multitasking because I write this post while the update and it's working as fast as.

Softwareupdate (don't know what the computer really do)

For me it was a computerization because this design is so simple and you haven't to search programms out of hunderts. It was wothwhile though the switch takes hours because my computer had his problems instead bios an uefi and so on.

 Since the day friends of mine installed this operating system I has had a conlusion: For me Linux is the best operating system I could have. I've learned since that how to handle with a terminal. It's an easier way to install and reinstall things while doing womething else and it's a lot more quicker than click at every bottom hundert times. Every important software you can put left in the menu and you'll allowed to invoke this programm right now, instead of going to the startscreen.

Maybe I'm a nerd but is save a lot of time. If you want you can invoke every software with theterminal and work there.( I'm not that kind of person).
Which operating system do you have and is there something you don't like about it?

November 08, 2016

Do you want to be my friend?

I'm the nobody in nowhere
I think, I've already told you a lot about the broken friendship with my so called 'best friends'. If not and you are interested in click here and there. It's my point of view a few months ago. To be warned, these posts are a little bit sad.

Time gone and these girls and I haven't spoken since this argument, when we can call this situation like that. I don't know what it really was. Once best friends and today we are strangers. No noice, no smile, nothing. I haven't detected what I've done wrong but I've accepted it. Nevertheless my heart gets a twinge whenever they ignore me. I'm not that person which wants a lot of friends and come out with everybody, but my tuppence worth is that no matter what happen between once friends, a little smile is a sympol for respect. Every morning, whenever I see them, I smile to them. The same issue daily, they don't see it because I'm out of glass.

However, I've strenghten a lot of friendships and also found a few fantastic new friends. I write this post, because I want to ask you to be my friend.

I have been aloof. Yeah, and I'm asking myself why I am so. The answer is that I'm afraid to be hurt by someone. When you are aloof nobody can hurt you. The happenings showed me that you always can be hurt by someone also by your best friends. Than I remember the story behind a great friendship in my life.

A few years ago, I was member at a internet plattform, where you shared photos. Aught kind of Instagram, but it wasn't this plattform. There a boy wanted to open a group at a messenger where everybody have nick names. I figured it can't hurt to try. Maybe we were around seven people and nobody knows each other. Quite funny, everybody have lived in another part of Germany, anyday I wrote with a girl out of this group private. We have written every day messages and voice notices until today. Ok, not every day but at the minimum three times a week. She is a great and fantastic friend. I don't have contact with any other group member. Last summer we met us and thanked this boy. Without him we wouldn't know each other.

Therfore I want get to know my readers and any other which want to be friends with me. Let's go, I'm courious to learn more about every one.
I would like to create a group on GroupMe, where everybody can join. You only have to write me an E-Mail and I'll send you the Grouplink. When you don't want to be a part of this group, you also can write me, if you want.

Now, you can start writing an E-Mail!

I'm willing to make new friends out of you strangers.