Dezember 30, 2015

Goals for 2016

 It's the end of year 2015. In this year we had mountains and Canyons, like every year. The good intentions repeated anew. We always have Goals we will archieve in the next year. At this time in 2016 and this is my list of  ten Goals for the following 2016:

1. A smile
is so simple but sometimes have an effect of a wonder. I love this when you are sad and any stranger is presenting you a nice smile. Your day is saved by this human. This human I want to be for other strange humans. The smile is a great gift and we can give it to each other.

Also my Hand smiles. I'm honest it's stupid but looking funny.
 2. Learning snowboarding
sounds really cool and the year 2016 is the perfect year for such activities. My grade will have a one week stay in Winter Italy. The pupils the can it are allowed to go the mountain down by their own in Groups. The others have the Chance to learn Snowboarding or Skiing. That's so fantastic. I've already had a Course in grade seven ,I think ,for skiing but haven't had do it until now again. In this time you only could decided if you wanted to learn skiing or go hiking. At my opinion it's more interesting to lean Snowboarding than skiing, so I've dicided I'll do a Course for learning snowboarding at the stay. The Thing is skiing is easier to learn and you won't fall down all the time.What do you think? Is it a good idea to do the Course when the others wich decided to do the Course already can surf with the snowboard on the snow?

3. Save Money. At the end of every month I check in normal my fiance. Not infrequently I spent to much Money on unless things. I simply bought things I have had already twice at home or I haven't needed until now. That have to stop, for this Money I could buy better things or only fund for Holidays or the Driver licence.

4. Learn how to drive a car. Yes, I'm sixteen. I can start with the driver's School with sixteen and a half, so you are allowed to do your driver's licence with seventeen. With that one you are allowed to drive a car when your parents are sitting at the passenger seat in the same car. That's sad but true and with eightteen you finally allowed to drive a car by your own without your parents at the seat next to you.

5. Go on Holidays. I love that, you learn more about other countries and the culture when you are in Holidays. Furthermore beside the Family Holidays I want to go with my friends into the Holidays and have a lot of fun with them far away from our parents. Confidentally who doesn't love this?

6. Bring a Little bit more structure in my life. Who don't know this, when you are coming home you only want to go into your room and first take your phone and search anything or the eyes are so heavy and you fall asleep. An hour later you notice I wanted to do this or this. The time is over, we haven't a time machine ( that would be so cool). Sometimes I forget so much, and yeah Blogging also. My Brian is an salad. I hope the timer bring more structure in my life and remember me to do the things.

7. Take a lot of photos. Photos hold memories. It's so an amazing Feeling when you know you shoot a great photo. Let's try to be a good photoprapher and hold the memories with photos.

8. Participate a Marathon. For now two years it's my Goal for the following year but you see I haven't archieved it. I want to Change it, defeat my inner pig dog and do it. Go Jogging in the morning and Walking through the finish line at the Marathon. No matter with which number, to be the last Person will be also ok.

9. Learn for School... Everyone which is going to School say this at the beginning of the year and we all know what the end is. You haven't learnt more than the years before. Am I the only Person? I hope not but come on Lea, a Little bit more Motivation for School and you will be happy.

10. I want to sew a Dress for me. I love the idea of sewing a Dress for me by myself. Which Girl doesn't dream about the perfect Dress designed by yourself? So it is. I know the Dress won't be perfect and of Course not looking like the dream but who cares. It woulf be an Unikat and unique that is what Counts. We will see.


Dezember 13, 2015

Christmas decoration

It's Chrismas time. I'm sure everyone love it, it exist a big secret and you are looking forward to Christmas eve. I have to say, I had learnt a lot for school in the last weeks and haven't had time for backing Chrismas cookies yet. What it doesn't make it better is that until now i hadn't had decorated anything. 
Ok to my defense, here in Germany it doesn't look like December outside, more than spring.
Nevertheless I took out the box with the big writing Christmas decoration and will show to you a little bit.

I don't know why, but I love tins. In These little boxes you can put in little things for example Sweets or tiny little presents for friends. They are so sweet. Therfore are tins my Christmas decoration. Mine are from the Silver Crane Company and I think I have around fifteen of tins only for decorating my room.  
You can find simular Silver Crane Things on the Internet for example by Amazon or eBay.

Here you can see my favourite cup. No lie I could drink out of it anytime, no matter if it's summer or winter. The moose on it with the candy cane makes me happy every day.

I know I'm so cheesy.  
In the end a Coca Cola canned beverage with the writing "Mach anderen eine Freude" in German. In Englisch it means make others happy. I don't know why it's also my decoration but hey it's Christmas time and this is a limited Edition every single year with Santa Clause.