Februar 29, 2016

The TRY: Snowboarding

Maybe you remameber that I've written a New Year's Goals List 2016 at the start of this year. I've told you that one Point of aims for me is to learn to ride a Snowboard. Last week I had this Chance and would like to share my experience with everyone who is reading this post.

The Ski camp for the whole grade was in Südtirol(south tyrol), it's the northern part from Italy. The drive to that place was Long, because our bus was Standing in traffic jams for around three hours at the German - Austria border. The Hotel we stayed was ok, but the meals they cooked tasted really good. So that it doesn't matter how the Hotel is looking, when the Food is great, everything is great.

So let's talk about the Sport aspect. Have you ever done a beginner's Course in Skiing or Snowboarding? I've do both. Ski Course was five years ago, but after this I haven't stand up on Ski again.
When you a break before you've starded snowboarding

To begin ride a Snowboard is really exhausting. I have no pictures where I'm trying to ride this board. Luckily I don't know how it must be looking when I've fallen down the ground all day Long, all day Long the same Thing. Ride around four meters, than trying to do a carve and fail. Stand up and the last sentence will be repeated. I was such unmotivated after four days, everything hurt you.You will have such an aching at the belly and your tights. Nevertheless not only the aching is hurting, you also have big blue bruises. I have had bruises at my knees and at my butt. Please guys, don't laugh at this Point. Six days in a row snowboarding for a beginner may is not the best idea ever.
However, I'll practise snowboarding in the new future. I love it with all that hurt at the beginning, it is a lot of fun whenever you are Standing longer than five meters on the board and ride it. A Problem was that I've drived really slowly, because I didn't want to fall down. Exactly that was the fault I made.

The weather there was variable, one day we had around fifteen degrees celcius, another around zero degrees celcius.
All in All that Ski camp was a great experience and I'll never Forget the memories.

A little bit cloudy but enjoyable. 
The blue sky say everything, it was really warm at this day.
restricted view because the fog.

Februar 22, 2016


You know that, yes and you too. What's about you?
So many People are so pretty but they don't think so because the others say that you are not.
I know what others say about me, you see how the "we are prettier than you" humans are looking down to you and they say: Look to this Girl, it's an absolutely nightmare how she Looks.
Whatever, this humans don't see that you are Walking through the City without make up in your face. What we can't say about this People. The Girls have tons of colour in their face, that we couldn't see how they Show really. Than the Point that they say to other that they are ugly. I don't understand the world.
It isn't important if the others mean you are ugly. I've learnt this in my life, because everywhere, everytime there is a "we are prettier than you" Person and that what this only Little human says isn't true.
The heart must be pretty and it's the most important Thing. Not the looking of your face or Body, the looking of your  heart decides about your Beauty. A blind Person can't see your look. He has also friends but definitely not because the friends have a good outer look. He doesn't matter about the apperance since he can't see anything.

Every Person is beautiful!

In the end decides the heart about how we loves the person. Please don't show only on the apperance of us, look into our heart and you will be happy.

It doesn't matter if you think I'm ugly. I accepted me like I am with all my Problems and Beauty Errors.

Februar 17, 2016

Creative Blogger Award

I want say thank you to the wonderful Blogger Wanda with her blog We heart dreaming. Thank you so much for that. It means a lot to me.

I thought it's the creative Blogger Award, so do something creative and make this Picture. I hope this was ok.
The Rules
 1. Wrtie down the rules in your post.
2. Say thank you to ther Person who nominated you and link to this person's blog.
3. Share five Facts about yourself
4. Nominate other Bloggers and include a link to their blog.
5. That they know you've nominated them, you have to notify them about it.

The 5 Facts
1. I'm fascinated in Ballet but have never danced it.
2. One of my best friends is Google, because he always gives me an answer.
3. I hate to clean my room, in fact I'm with distance one of the most disarranged persons ever.
4. When I said I do this in five minutes, mostly you can wait for hours and I haven't done it until now.
5. I'm like an old granny, when I'm watching TV or sitting in the train, than I always start to knit something. At the Moment it's a white headband.

I nominate for the creative Blogger Award.........
Vanessa with her blog Simply Me
Olivia Knight with her blog Summer of 1999
Martin and his blog Martin's Virtual Blog
Teenage Tanglewreck with her same named Teenage Tanglewreck
Envy with her blog Lost in Translation
Sam Denby with her blog The Wonderful World of Denby

That's it. I want to say, that I'll stay with my grade for one week in an Italy Ski camp, at Saturday we will go there by bus. So I won't post something next week. Maybe when I have time I'll write a post into the next days and will publish it next week.
Bye, I will be back in two weeks.

Februar 09, 2016

Something about school

I hope that won't be one more boring post about school in the Internet. Nevertheless I can't promise.

I live in Bavaria but since September I'm going to school in Baden Würrtemberg, a neighbour state of Bavaria. Every morning and afternoon I drive by bus and train around one hour. Some days in the week I drive in the afternoon two hours by bus and train, because of the second busdrive takes more time at this time of day than normal.
The question will be, why I don't go to a normal school in the little city next to my village? It's a long story and I only want to say a few words about it. Last year I've done my graduation at a higher secondary school in this little city, than I've decided that I want to do my Abitur ( the graduation you need to be at University). Therfore I'm going to a vocational grammar school in Baden Würrtemberg. Bavaria also have such schools but there are a few differences. I will tell you another day more about the school system and the schools here in Germany, because that would be to long in here.  
My school has around four thousand students. The reason is there are two schools in one: The technical professional school and the technic orientate vocational grammar school. It says, that our specialist areas all out of the technic. When you want to do your Abitur at this School you have to choose out of three of them:
 Engineering and Management, Informationtechnology(I've choosen) and last but not least Mechatronic.
My timetable
We are two girls in my class and twenty six boys. My year has eleven girls and around hundert ten boys. Do you notice something? Ninety per cent of the students are boys.
I love this school, far away from girls they think they are better than everyone else. Of course, here are also a few boys they think the same like the girls but it's easy to be ok with them. The boys I know respect me and talk normal with me at the most time. I don't know if you ever was in a class with more boys than girls but I can say that it wouldn't be boring anytime in school. How is your class?

One thing I will never make used are these situations: When you are walking alone through one of the schoolhouses. Everywhere are standing boys and they are staring at you like they are the spectators on the Fashion Week. No matter if you are pretty or not, it's  only because you are a girl. They don't see a lot of us in school. I hate it inasmuch as I feel me under observation. What can I do against this hate and how would you act in my Situation?

A few years ago I was against going to a class with a lot more boys than girls, but now it has changed. I love my decision and the other class life. Thank you

Februar 02, 2016

The TRY: Fight against GREASY hair

My hair

The dream of every Girl is to have everyday hair like the gril with the Dress in the Picture. In real the hair is looking like in the first picture. In some days better than in other. We always wake up in the morning and think one more time. OMG my hair is Standing in every Destination like I've touched in the power Point.

Some People says that I've luck with my hair. You can see in the picture, that my hair is really fine and so it gets greasy faster than other hair types. I have my hairstyle around fifteen centimeters longer than my shoulder. Every second day I've greasy hair because I don't wash my hair every single day. That need time, I haven't.
Frisuren Abiball
This hair is the dream of every Girl.

Another aspect I only wash my hair three times a week is that my hair breaks by a daily hairwash. How often do you take a hair wash?

Often it could be really hard when you know that your hair is greasy. I have so often a big Bad Hair day, and than you try to hide and want that all the tips against greasy hair works but in the most time they don't work with your hair. Greasy hair isn't pretty and the Feeling is horrible. However I have to admit that I have often greasy hair, also when I wish not.

So much Things I've tried in my lifetime against this Problem. Which works and which not so good have to find out everybody by herself.(Boys it is seldom that you have this Problem) Here are a few Options I've tried out and the experience I have had.

One thing that works by slightly greasy hair is to make a ponytail with help of the brush and Bobby Pins. Perfect your ponytail so Long until you think it Looks ok. Although the Problem is that could need a lot of time in front of the mirror. It also works with the bun and tiny Little linkages.

A Long time I've taken my shower always warm. Since last month I wash my hair with middle temerature and the greasy is better now.

My Baby powder
Dry Shampoo can be found in every Drogerie. We have a wide range of them and they work. Nevertheless have they two negative aspects. The first one is I use them around five times and than they are empty. Everytime when you need them they are empty, because the five times already happend. Furthermore the Price Performance in my eyes is expensive when you need them often.

A good alternative for me is. Baby Powder. I've paid around two euros and have it for one and a half year. It is really cheap. My experience Shows me that it has a simular effect to my hair like the dry Shampoo, because that works also with Little poweder. You can use theoretical every powder also flour that you use for baking whatever you want. In normal every powder works simular, but there are also differences. The best in my opinion for me is this Baby powder in the picture.

I know that I won't have hair like the Girl one day but after the tries for years I know now what helps my hair with greasy and what not so. Sometimes I Combine the powder and the ponytail because Supplement themselves.