August 21, 2016

Time is gone...

A long time ago, day one, two, three and so one have already gone. Days had happened, hours had happened and seconds of course, too. A month long the author of this blog was in the underground and haven't written anything for the readers. Nothing, no life signal. Will the author come back or was that the last post?
The answer is:
Yes, I come back. More specifically I'm back.  I needed this time without blogging to learn how important it is for me to write and give you a part in my life. This part isn't so unimportant you may think. That writing helps me in my lifestory. I'm not a easy person and the life could be difficult daily. Nevertheless I've loose in my holidays every structure I had at school time. Holidays are great, no question, I love it.  However, when you do for a few weeks nothing, the structure go down. At the moment I'm working for more structure in my life. It was and is still a goal for this year until the end to have a little bit more of it. Especially now in holiday time it's more difficult than in school time. That is only talking talking talking and will I do it? The answer have the stars at the night sky.

All these words here are not really a post, more like an information for you which is a kind of boring I thing. In the next few days I'll post somthing that has a bit more potential to be interesting than this writing here.