Juli 08, 2017


We humans are talkative. Our job is talking, no matter in which form. Social media, telephone calls, the old schooled letter or only a conversation person to person. We are talking the whole day.

When you are study the conversations, you'll hear a lot of different voices, threads and mime facettes. Amazing how the humans act when the like someone or not.
The boy next to me is talking with me anteverted in my direction. Searching for the eyes of my dialog partner and listen carefully and concentrated. When he's talking with that enthusiasm, you have to look up to him. He's talking about thing's I don't understand, difficult computer problems and how you can tackle it with computer languages like C#, pearl or only java. I've learnd a bit C# but that's a minimum of his knowledge. Nevertheless, I like listening the beautiful chesty voice. Every time I am listening my brian mechanism is working at high level. Following the conversation and the process in brain networking takes its time. I think I've learnt a lot from him about the computer usage, even more than in information technology lessons. I like him.
Yesterday I talked with a friend who harmed me a while ago. She was polite and told me that in her life were a few changes in the last months. We talked for the first time after one year no "hello". Annotating we've seen each other every day. It was ok, I've closed this chapter of my life half a year ago. When she excused herself what happened in the past, I looked in her eyes. Eyes show you what words will never emote. Within the conversation I saw, that she experienced how it is when you stand from one to the other day outside your door with no humans you call friends. I hadn't pity, I experienced that either. For my personal maybe it was the best. The second thing is that second face, in front the nice person but divious. I act likable, but with critic thoughts. I would like to see every person in a positive way but eyes never lies.

Two conversation. I always have the senitment that I don't find the right words in situations. We can see which conversation it is and wich sympatic they have for each other.

When we be accurate, we have a conversation either at the moment. Ok, maybe no conversation more a monolouge in written words. Have a nice weekend. Does you experienced conversations like I discribed?