April 18, 2016


I've already told you that I was last summer in Berlin and shared with you pictures and experience. If you haven't read that it's time for reading the other post.
Today a few "secrets" what happens in Berlin and places we lighted on. Therfore, the best idea is to start the session, I think.

Had you seen something simular before? Not? Have a look here. It's a part of the extant Berliner Mauer with the writing BERLIN. Why I selected it out of my pictures is the question. The Berliner Mauer is a spot where every Tourist is going. It's a wonder when you get a photo without other humans or dogs on it. It isn't. In normal a wall has two sides. The most of tourists haven't time for the side behinde the street and that's the Point. This side hasn't that much humans they take photos with it and from it. We walked there and took the pictures at this side. There is a green you can have a pic nick or something like that. Definately more relaxed.  

Berlin writing on ther Berliner Mauer
Next stop. Hackescher Markt, you can see there the tram Station on daylight. The place isn't far away from Alexanderplatz all in all more tranquill than it. We visited an egyptian Restaurant in the evening. The plan was to drink there something and talkin but my belly needed Food. So I've ordered a backed potato( not really typical egyptian, no matter). Nevertheless that was the best backed potato I've ever eaten until today. The taste was great and the Price inexpensive.
The tram station
That was my backed potato.
My friends and I discovered a park which was full with trees. The style was fabulous. The bridges and the handrails had this Ornate style you know from love romance films. We saw in the whole park  Overall around five humans and one dog. It could be a nice Tourist attraction but it isn't. So Keep this secret, we don't want that when you go there it isn't anymore a silent park near Siegessäule.

A Little bit love. Who will Combine my half heart at one time?

wonderful Little bridges between trees
The most expensive soup I ever bought was in Berlin. It was a noble looking Restaurant. Nevertheless, what else I was hungry and to warm up. this day was cold. A few hours before a friend and I devided us from the Group. So we were sitting in this noble Restaurant where the soup cost me around eight euros. The silence is breaked by a phone ringing. Our phone, everyone in this Restaurant was looking at us. Our so called friends phoned us that they become acquainted with some people. We have tought that they meet people they already knew. It's urgent that we come to them. So it tooked its course and we met our friends and have to drive with the tram anywhere outside because they wanted to eat at the restaurant from the one boy. The restaurant somewhere twenty cilometers outside of the city was a Döner takeaway! Seriously? We had to hurry us in the noble restaurant with the embrassing phone call that they have a free Döner! Everything we releazed when we where at that place outside the city.

soup in the noble Restaurant.


  1. I was in Berlin last summer and found it so fascinating (particularly because some of my family were affected by it's history!) Lovely post xo


    1. Hi Emsi Rose,
      that pleases me.Thank you.:) It sounds really interesting and I would love to read the Story with Berlin and your Family.

  2. Oh i seriously wish I could visit Berlin so bad! Definitely one of my goals for the future, these are such lovely pictures by the way!

    -Lauren <3

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Berlin is definitely worth a visit. I'm sure you'll archieve this Goal one day. Thank you:)